We are a locally owned second generation grocery store in the heart of
Rochester Washington.
This family business was started in 1978 with Dick Bailey at the head of the train.
In 2007 Dick along with LaVonne Bailey decided they would retire.
The business was then purchased by us, Bryan & Tammy Bailey.
We are very proud to carry on the family name and business.
We greatly appreciate our community and all their support. 



Tammy L. Bailey




   Tammy Bailey is serving on the Board of Directors
   for the
Washington Food Industry Association
   Oct/2011 - Sept/2014


THE SHELBY REPORT of the west-June 2014 - READ IT HERE

Hi Tammy

I thought you might like a copy of you headshot and group photo.

Thank you for joining us at the Day at the Capitol!

Your support is greatly appreciated.

  Thank you

 Michelle Reeves

Washington Food Industry Association




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Women Grocers of America (WGA)


 The Women Grocers of America (WGA) provides women in the

 independent grocery and food industries the chance to promote

 educational and professional opportunities for individuals through its

 scholarship, awards programs, networking events, and educational training.


WGA's mission is to:

    *Recruit and retain the next generation of successful individuals in the grocery and food

      industry with an emphasis on young women

     *Develop program funds and award scholarships

     *Give visible support and recognition to the many outstanding women in the grocery

      and food industry whose leadership and experience have made an impact on their

      companies, their associates, their communities, their families and the industry.


Dear Tammy,

Congratulations, Tammy. 
You were selected “Woman of the Year” by the Women Grocers of America. 
You were nominated for this recognition by Jan Gee of the Washington Food Industry Association
and Steve Cole of SUPERVALU’s Northern Region.

WGA’s Board members reviewed all of the nominations submitted and chose you because or your contributions to your organization, the industry and your community. 
You certainly are an inspiration to other women in the industry and a role model for students
considering a career in the independent grocery industry. 
You have clearly earned the respect of WFIA, IGA and SUPERVALU
WGA is happy to be included in that group as well.

For your background information, I’ve noted the judging criteria for the WGA Woman of the Year Award below as well as attached a link to the WGA page on the NGA web site.  http://www.nationalgrocers.org/who-we-are/nga-special-programs/wga

We would like to recognize you during the opening keynote session at the NGA Show (Sunday, February 10) in Las Vegas and ask that you formally accept the award during the WGA workshop Tuesday morning at the Show.



WOTYA Judging Criteria
Nominees will be judged by the current WGA Board of Directors on the following criteria:

She is a Legend (50 percent)
• This woman has helped shape the face of her company or organization. She is a long-term employee who has made considerable contributions. She is a true leader with work ethic, passion of the industry, and has clearly distinguished herself from her peers.
• Her demonstrated abilities should include, but are not limited to, creativity, management skills, contributions to the growth of her organization, unique or prestigious jobs held, as well as other major accomplishments.

She is a Visionary (30 percent)
• She is forward thinking, progressive, and pioneering. She is breaking new ground with innovative ideas that shatter stereotypes. She strives forward no matter what the challenge is making her mark in the independent grocery industry.

She is a Humanitarian (20 percent)
• The nominee makes it a priority to devote her time to community causes and activities. Her passion and dedication for civic and charitable work in her local community has changed and bettered the lives of those around her.

Aileen Dullaghan Munster

Vice President, Education and Research

National Grocers Association